SOHO Acronyms

750 SGP/OL-A	750th Space Group/Operating Location-A
AAD	Attitude Anomaly Detector
ACE	Advanced Composition Explorer
ACS	Attitude Control System
ACU	Attitude Control Unit
ADC	Analog to Digital Converter
AFSCF	Air Force Satellite Control Facility
AFSCN	Air Force Satellite Control Network
AFT	Abbreviated Functional Test
AGO	Santiago Ground Station
AGSS	Attitude Ground Support System
AI	Associate Investigator 
AIS	Automated Information Security
AIT	Assembly, Integration and Test
AIT	Atomic International Time 
AIV	Assembly-Integration-Verification 
AN	Analog
ANT	Antenna
ANTS	Antenna Subsystem
AOCE	Attitude and Orbit Control Electronics
AOS	Acquisition of Signal
AOCS	Attitude and Orbit Control System
AOCMS	Attitude and Orbit Control Measurement System
AP	Application Processors
APID	Application Identification
APM	Antenna Pointing Mechanism
APME	Attitude Pointing Mechanism Electronics
ARO	Automatic Reconfiguration Order
ARq	Authentication Request
ARs	Authentication Response
ASE	Airborne Support Equipment
ASW	Address and Synchronization Word
ASW	Application Software
AT	Acceptance Testing
ATSC	AlliedSignal Technical Services Corporation
AUX	Auxiliary
AVD	Alternate Voice/Data

BARM	Block Acceptance Reporting Mechanism
BAS	Block Acquisition Sequence
BCP1	Broadcast Pulse 1
BCP3	Broadcast Pulse 3 (LOBT clock)
BDR	Battery Discharge Regulator
BECO	Booster Engine Cutoff
BER	Bit Error Rate
BI0-L	Biphase - Level
BITNET	Because It is Time NETwork 
BOL	Beginning of Life
BRD	Broadcast (MACS bus transition)
BRML	Block Recorder Mission Log
BRU	Battery Regulation Unit
BSR	Back Surface Reflection

CAE	Control and Actuation Electronic
CAN	Canberra (DSN Station)
CBH	Catalyst Bed Heater
CCAFS	Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
CCAM	Collision and Contamination Avoidance Maneuver
CCB	Configuration Control Board
CCD	Charge Coupled Device
CCL	Close Circuit Loop
CCOM	Control Center Operations Manager
CCR	Configuration Change Requests
CCS	Central Checkout System
CCSDS	Consultive Committee for Space Data Systems
CCSM	Control Center Systems Manager
CCTV	Close Circuit Television
C&DH	Command and Data Handling
CDDI	Copper Distributed Data Interface 
CDF	Common Data Format (SFDU data format) 
CDHF	Central Data Handling Facility
CDMU	Central Data Management Unit
CDR	Critical Design Review
CDS	Coronal Diagnostic Spectrometer 
CE	Communications Engineer
CELIAS	Charge, Element and Isotope Analysis System
CEPAC	COSTEP-ERNE Particle Analysis Collaboration
CfA	Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, USA
CM	Configuration Management
CM	Continuus Memory Format
CMD	Command
CMO	Configuration Management Office
CMP	Configuration Management Plan
CMS	Command Management System
CMSE	Command Management Systems Engineer
CNRS	Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
COBS	Central On Board Software
COSTEP	Comprehensive Supra Thermal and Energetic Particle Analyzer
COSTR	Collaborative Solar-Terrestrial Research
COTS	Commercial Off the Shelf Software
CPM	Command Pulse Module
CRC	Cyclical Redundancy Coding
CRT	Cathode Ray Tube
CSPAAD	Coarse Sun Pointing Attitude Anomaly Detection
CSO	Computer Security Officials
CSTC	Consolidated Satellite Test Center
CTA	Controlled Thrust Assembly
CTA-21	Compatibility Test Area (JPL)
CTOF	Charge Time-Of-Flight
CTV	Compatibility Test Van
CTU	Central Terminal Unit
Co-I	Co-Investigator 

D/L	Downlink
DAA	Data Availability Acknowledgment
DAN	Data Availability Notice
dB	Decibels
DB	Digital Bilevel acquisition
dBI	Decibels referenced to Isotropic gain
dBm	Decibels referenced to one milliwatt
dBW	Decibels referenced to one watt
DC	Direct Command
DCF	Data Capture Facility
DCN	Document Change Notice
DDA	Data Delivery Acknowledgement
DDF	Data Distribution Facility
DDFM	Data Distribution Facility Manager
DDN	Data Delivery Notice
DEL	Data Evaluation Laboratory
DEM	Demodulator
DFCD	Data Format Control Documents
DFD	Data Flow Diagram
DGIB	DSN/GSFC Interface Blocks
DGS	Diego Garcia Station
DHP	Direct High Power
DHSS	Data Handling Subsystem
DL	Downlink
DM	Data Management
DML	Direct Memory Load
DMR	Detailed Mission Requirements	
DMR1	Detailed Mission Requirements Issue #1
DMR2	Detailed Mission Requirements Issue #2
DMS	Digital Matrix Switch
DOD	Department of Defense
DPE	Data Processing Engineer
DPI	Data Processing Installation
DPS	Data Processing Segment
DQM	Data Quality Message
DR	Discrepancy Report
DRAC	SOI/MDI Data Reduction and Analysis Center 
DS	Data Set
DSCC	Deep Space Communications Complex (NASA/JPL)
DSM	Data Systems Manager
DSN	Deep Space Network
DecNet	Digital Equipment Corporation Network 

EAA	Earth Attitude Angle
EAF	Experimenter's Analysis Facility
EARN	European Academic Research Network 
ECS	EOF Core System
EDL	Ethernet Data Link
EGSE	Electrical Ground Support Equipment 
EHP	Extended High Power
EHPC	Extended High Priority Command
EID	Experiment Interface Document
EIT	Extreme-ultraviolet Imaging Telescope 
ELEC	Electronics
ELV	Expendable Launch Vehicle
EM	Engineering Model
EOF	Experimenter's Operations Facility
EOM	End of Mission
EPA	Energetic Particle Analyzer
EPHIN	Electron Proton Helium Instrument
EPSS	Electrical Power Subsystem
EPV	Extended Precision Vector
ER	Eastern Range
ERNE	Energetic and Relativistic Nuclei and Electron Experiment
ESA	European Space Agency
ESDOC	European Science Data and Operations Center
ESMC	Eastern Space and Missile Center
ESOC	European Space Operations Centre (ESA, Darmstadt) 
ESPOCC	European Space Project Operations Control Center
ESR	Emergency Sun Reacquisition
ESTEC	European Research and Technology Center
ESTRACK European Space Tracking (Network)
Ethernet Local area network defined by ISO 802.3 
EU	Engineering Unit
EUV	Extreme Ultra-Violet
EXP	Experiment

FAC	Facility
FCL	Foldback Current Limiter
FCV	Flow Control Valve
FDD	Flight Dynamics Division
FDDI	Fiber Distributed Data Interface 
FDE	Flight Dynamics Engineers
FDE	Failure Detection Electronics
FDF	Flight Dynamics Facility
FDSS	Flight Dynamics Support System
FDST	Flight Dynamics Support Team
FEHEM	Front-End Hardware Emulator
FEP	Front-End Processors
FIFO	First In First Out
FITS	Flexible Image Transport System 
FM	Flight Module
FMI	Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland
FOLAN	Flight Operations Local Area Network
FOP	Fligth Operations Plan
FOR	Flight Operations Review
FOT	Flight Operations Team
FOV	Field of View
FPSS	Fine Pointing Sun Sensor
FPSSE	Fine Pointing Sun Sensor Electronics
FPSSH	Fine Pointing Sun Sensor Head
FRD	Functional Requirements Document
FRR	Flight Readiness Review
FRTM	Functional Requirements Traceability Matrix
FSA	Fine Sun-pointing Acquisition mode
FSE	File Server Ethernet
FSM	Flight Synchronizer Module
FSMF	Flight Software Maintenance Facility
FSPAAD	Fine Sun Pointing Attitude Anomaly Detection
FTP	File Transfer Protocol
FTR	Flight Tape Recorder

GB	Gigabyte
GBRS	Generic Block Recording System
GCF	Ground Communications Facility
GDCF/Pacor ISTP Program Generic Data Capture Facility / Packet Processor 
GDCLS	General Dynamics Commercial Launch Services (San Diego, CA)
GDS	Ground Data System, Goldstone (DSN station)
GDSIRD	Ground Data System Information Requirements Document
GenSAA	Generic Spacecraft Analysis Assistant
GEOTAIL	Geomagnetic Tail Laboratory
GESS	Graphics Executive Support System
GEU	Gyroscope Electronics Unit (same as GME)
GGS	Global Geospace Science 
GMAN	General Maneuver
GME	Gyro Management Electronics (same as GEU)
GMT	Greenwich Mean Time
GMU	Gyro Mechanical Unit (same as GYP)
GN	Ground Network
GOLF	Global Oscillations at Low Frequency 
GPM	Generic Payload Module
GPR	Greenwich Photoheliographic Results 
GS	Ground System
GSE	Ground Support Equipment
GSE	Ground Support Electronics
GSE	Geocentric Solar Ecliptic 
GSFC	Goddard Space Flight Center
GSIRD	Ground Data System Information Requirements Document
GTAS	Generic Testing and Analysis System
GTDS	Goddard Trajectory Determination System
GW	Gateway
GYP	Gyroscope Package (same as GMU)

H/W	Hardware
HBR	High Bit Rate
HDR	Hardware Design Review
HED	High Energy Detector
HGA	High Gain Antenna
HK	Housekeeping
HOI	Halo Orbit Insertion
HOP	Halo Orbit Phase
HQ	Headquarters
HR	High Rate
HSIO	High Speed Input/Output
Hz	Hertz

I	Injection
I&T	Integration and Test
I&TRR	Integration and Test Readiness Review
IAC	Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, Spain
IAS	Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale, France
ICA	Integration Control Agreement
ICD	Interface Control Document
ID	Identification
ID	Idle Format
IDL	Interactive Data Language 
I/F	Interface
I/O	Input/Output
INIT	Initialization
IOS	Indian Ocean Station
IPD	Information Processing Division
IRD	Information Requirements Document
IRU	Inertial Reference Unit
IRV	Improved Inter-Range Vector
ISA	Initial Sun Acquisition
ISAS	Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
ISI	Instrument/Spacecraft Interface
ISG	ISTP Scheduling Group
ISTP	International Solar-Terrestrial Physics
IUE	International Ultraviolet Explorer 
IWS	Instrument Work Stations

JPL	Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JSC	Johnson Space Center

Kbps	Kilobits per second
KCRT	Keyboard CRT
KSC	Kennedy Space Center

L	Launch
LAN	Local Area Network
LASCO	White Light And Spectrometric Coronagraph 
LCL	(switchable) Local Current Limiter
LEB	LASCO Electronics Box
LED	Low Energy Detector
LEOP	Launch and Early Orbit Phase
LeRC	Lewis Research Center
LGA	Low Gain Antenna
LION	Low Energy Ion and Electron Instrument
LOBT	Local On Board Time
LOS	Lost of Signal
LPM	Launch and Parking Mode
LR	Low Rate
LRR	Launch Readiness Review
LSB	Least Significant Bit
LSR	Launch Support Room
LV	Latching Valve
LV	Launch Vehicle

MACS	Modular Attitude Control System
MAR	Mission Analysis Room
MASMP	Mission Analysis and Suport Management Plan
MB	Megabyte
MCC	Mid Course Correction
MCP	Micro Channel Plate 
MDI	Michelson Doppler Imager
MDI-H	MDI-Helioseismology
MDI-M	MDI-Magnetogram
MDUL	Missing Data Units List
ME	Mission Engineer
MECO	Main Engine Cutoff
MELICA	Medium Energy Ion Composition Analyzer
MES	Main Engine Start
MGE	Media Generation Element
MHZ	Megahertz
MI	Mode Indicator
MIL	Merritt Island (GN Station)
MILA	Merritt Island Launch Area
MIL-71	Merritt Island DSN Facility
MLI	Multi-Layer Insulation
MMS-F	Matra Marconi Space-Tolouse, France
MO&DSD	Mission Operations and Data Systems Directorate
MOA	Mission Operations Area
MOC	Mission Operations Center
MOD	Mission Operations Division
MODNET	MO&DSD Operational/Development Network
MOM	Mission Operations Manager
MOR	Mission Operations Review
MOR	Mission Operations Room
MOS	Maneuver Observation System
MOSA	Mission Operations Support Area
MOSP	Mission Operations Support Plan
MOWG	Mission Operations Working Group
MP&A	Mission Planning and Analysis Area
MPAE	Max-Planck-Institut fuer Aeronomie, Germany
MPSR	Monthly Project Status Review
MR	Medium Rate
MRM	Mission Readiness Manager
MRR	Mission Readiness Request
MRT	Mission Readiness Test
MRTT	Mission Readiness Test Team
MSB	Most Significant Bit
MSE	Mission Server Element
MSR	Monthly Status Report
MSS	Message Switching System
MSSL	Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UK
MTASS	Multi-Mission Three-Axis Stabilized Satellite
MTOF	Mass-Time-of-Flight
MTP	Mission Test Plan
MTR	Magnetic Tape Recorder

N	Newton
N/A	Not Applicable
NASA	National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASCOM	NASA Communications
NAV	Navigation (DSN) Subsystem
NCC	Network Control Center
ND	Network Director
NFS	Network File System
NIF	Nascom Interface Facilities
NMI	NASA Management Instruction
NMOS	Network Mission Operations Support
NOAA	National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 
NOCC	Network Operations Control Center (DSN)
NOPE	Network Operations Engineer
NRCA	Nonconformance Report and Corrective Action
NRL	Naval Research Laboratory, USA
NRP	NASA Resource Protection
NRT	Near Real-Time
NRZ-L	Non Return to Zero Level
NSDP	Nascom System Development Plan
NSE	Network Support Engineer
NSI	NASA Science Internet
NSO	National Solar Observatory 
NSSDC	National Space Science Data Center
NTM	Network Test Manager
NTOM	Network Technical and Operations Manager
Nascom	NASA Communications

OA	Operations Agreement
OBC	On Board Computer
OBDH	On Board Data Handling
OBT	On-Board Time 
OD	Orbit Determination
OFA	Office of Flight Assurance
ORPA	Operational Readiness and Performance Assurance
ORR	Operational Readiness Review
OSC	Office of Space Communications
OSE	Operations Simulations Engineer
OSO	Orbiting Solar Observatory
OSSA	Office of Space Science and Applications
OTS	Operations Testing and Simulations

P/B	Playback
P/M	Payload Module 
PACOR	Packet Processor 
PAD	Pressure Anomaly Detection
PB	Playback
PC	Personal Computer
PCC	Power Converter for CDMU
PCM	Pulse Code Modulation
PCS	Predefined Command Sequence
PDB	Project Data Base
PDF	Programmable Data Formatter
PDFE	Programmable Data Formatter Engineer
PDI	Payload Data Interleaver
PDR	Preliminary Design Review
PDU	Power Distribution Unit
PHAS	Payload Module (PLM) Harness Subsystem
PI	Principal Investigator
PLM	Payload Module
PM	Processor Module
PME	Pacor Mission Engineer
PMOD	Physikalisch-Meteorologisches Observatorium Davos
PMP	Project Management Plan
POCC	Payload Operations Control Center
POLAR	Polar Plasma Laboratory
POP	Program Operating Plan
PP	Post Pass
PPM	Parts Per Million
PRD	Program Requirements Document
PROS	Propulsion Subsystem
PRTC	Priority Real Time Commands
PSCN	Program Support Comunications Network
PSK	Phase Shift Keying
PSM	Priority Select Module
PSM	Project Security Manager
PSS	Portable Spacecraft Simulator
PSTS	Payload Module (PLM) Structure Subsystem
PTCS	Payload Module Thermal Control Subsystem
PVL	Parameter Value Language 
Pacor	Packet Processor
PacorII	Packet Processor Data Capture Facility II

QA	Quality Assurance
QAC	Quality and Accounting Capsule
QAE	Quality Assurance Engineer

Rad	Radian
R-S	Reed-Solomon
R/S	Reed-Solomon
R/T	Real-Time
RAAD	Roll Attitude Anomaly Detection
RAAM	Roll Attitude Acquisition Mode
RAD	Roll Attitude Determination
RAL	Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK
RAM	Random Access Memory
RARR	Range and Range Rate
RASM	Remote Access Scheduling Terminal
RCR	Remote Command Request
RD	Reference Document
RDBMS	Relational Data Base Management System
Re	Earth Radii
RF	Radio Frequency
RFDU	Radio Frequency Distribution Unit
RID	DSN Station at Madrid, Spain
RID	Review Item Disposition
RM	Reconfiguration Module
RMW	Roll Maneuver Wheels
ROM	Read Only Memory
RPC	Remote Procedure Calls 
RPR	Remote Procedure Request
rpm	Revolutions per minute
RRAD	Roll Rate Anomaly Detection
Rs	Solar Radii
RS	Reed-Solomon
RSS	Root Sum Square
RT	Real-time
RTU	Remote Terminal Unit
RUST	Remote User Scheduling Terminal
RW	Reaction Wheel
RX	Receive

S/C	Spacecraft
S/W	Software
SAD	Solar Array Deployment
SAM	Sun Acquisition Mode
SAM	System Assurance Manage
SAS	Solar Acquisition Sensor
SCAMA	Switching, Conferencing and Monitoring Arrangement
SCI	Real-time Science Data Format
SCID	Spacecraft Identification
SCR	Stripchart Recorder
SDB	Spacecraft Data Base
SDPF	Sensor Data Processing Facility
SDR	System Design Review
SDS	System Design Specification
SECO	Sustainer Engine Cutoff
SELDADS Space Environment Laboratory Data Acquisition and Display System 
SELSIS	Space Environment Laboratory Solar Imaging System 
SFDU	Standard Formatted Data Unit 
SFT	System Functional Test
SGSS	Solar Generator Subsystem
SHAS	Service Module (SVM) Harness Subsystem
SHSS	Structure and Harness Subsystem
SIC	Spacecraft Identification Code
SID	Spacecraft Identification Number
SIM	Simulator
SIM	Solar Irradiance Monitor
SIP	System Implementation Plan
SIT	System Implementation Team
SK	Stationkeeping
SLC	Space Launch Complex
SM	Structural Model
SMIP	SOHO Mission Implementation Plan 
SMIRD	SOHO Mission Implementation Requirements Document 
SMM	Solar Maximum Mission 
SMO	System Management Office
SMOC	SOHO Science and Mission Operations Center
SMOCC	SOHO Mission Operations Control Center
SMP	Systems Management Policy
SOC	Science Operations Coordinator
SOC	Simulations Operations Center
SOCA	Special Operations Control Area
SOHO	Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
SOI	Solar Oscillations Investigation
SOL	Science Operations Leader 
SOP	Science Operations Plan 
SOSA	Special Operations Support Area
SOT	Science Operations Team 
SOTA	Science Operations and Test Area
SOWG	SOHO Science Operations Working Team 
SPAN	Space Physics Analysis Network 
SPD	Space Physics Division
SPL	Split Phase Level
sps	Symbols per second
SPOF	Science Planning and Operations Facility
SQL	Structured Query Language 
SRB	System Review Board
SRB	Solid Rocket Booster
SRD	System Requirements Document
SRL	Spacecraft Reference Line
SRM	Solid Rocket Motor
SRR	System Requirements Review
SRS	System Requirements Specification
SSR	Software Specification Review
SSTS	Service Module (SVM) Structure Subsystem
SSU	Star Sensor Unit
STC	Satellite Test Center
STCS	Service Module Thermal Control Subsystem
STDN	Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network
STOF	Suprathermal-Time-Of-Flight
STOL	System Test and Operations Language
STR	System Test Review
STS	Star Tracker Sensor
STSP	Solar Terrestrial Science Programme
SUM	SOHO User's Manual
SUMER	Solar Ultraviolet Measurements of Emitted Radiation 
SVM	Service Module
SWAN	Solar Wind ANisotropies 
SWT	Science Working Team 

T&DA	Telemetry and Data Acquisition
T&DS	Tracking and Data Systems/JPL
TAB	Timing and Acquisition Bit
TAC	Telemetry and Command Computer
TAI	Temps Atomique International 
TBC	To Be Confirmed
TBD	To Be Defined 
TC	Telecommand
TCOPS	Trajectory Computation and Orbit Products System
TCP/IP	Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCS	Thermal Control Subsystem
TCXO	Temperature Controlled Crystal Oscillator
TDA	Telecommunications and Data Acquisition
TDR	Test Discrepancy Report
TDSM	Tracking and Data Systems Manager
TFG	Transfer Frame Generator
TGS	Timeline Generation System
TIRIO 	Table of Incompatibilities and Requirements for the Instruments Operation 
TLM	Telemetry
TOD	Time-out detection
TPOCC	Transportable POCC
TR	Tape Recorder
TRB	TDR Review Board
TRK	Tracking
TRPSA	Transponder Assembly
TRR	Test Readiness Review
TSTOL	TPOCC System Test and Operations Language
TT	Time-Tagged
TT&C	Telemetry, Tracking and Command
TTB	Time-Tagged Buffer
TTI	Transfer Trajectory Insertion
TTP	Transfer Trajectory Phase
TVCF	Transportable Vehicle Checkout Facility
TTY	Teletype
TX	Transmit

U/L	Uplink
UL	Uplink
USO	Ultra Stable Oscillator
UTC	Universal Time Code 
UVCS	UltraViolet Coronagraph Spectrometer 

VC	Virtual Channel
VCID	Virtual Channel Identification
VCXO	Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator
VID	Vehicle Identification Number
VIRGO	Variability of solar IRradiance and Gravity Oscillations 

W	Watts
WBS	Work Breakdown Structure
WDE	Wheel Drive Electronic
WIND	Interplanetary Physics Laboratory
WS 	Work-Station
WSMC	Western Space and Missile Center

XDR	External Data Representation
XMT	Transmit
XPNDR	Transponder

kbps	Kilobits per second
sps	Symbols per second